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You’ve done it, weary pilgrim of the internet. You have discovered the most brain-splattering, jaw-dropping, fabtastical website (subject to opinion) ever created:


My name is Billy Greer, keeper of The Atomicblog. I know its secrets and someday I may share them. But not today. I am a writer by trade, and I own far more English degrees than a human being probably needs. My ultimate goal in life is to become an author.

Believe in your dreams kids.

Yes, that’s right, I’m an aspiring author who runs a blog and I don’t care if that makes me the biggest cliché this side of pluto.

What is the purpose of The Atomicblog? Glad you asked.

It is the hallowed domain where I plan to promote my writing and post articles primarily about Graphic Novels and Indie Games. (Although you might see a few movie reviews and other things of that ilk pop up from time to time.) Then, you can read these articles and…I don’t know, kill a few minutes during your lunch break? Prove you’re a hipster by reading obscure blogs? The choice is up to you!

Whether you stick around for years to come or click out of here immediately and go someplace a lot cooler like Cracked.com, I just want you to know that I love you. I love you more than should be morally tolerated or legally allowed. But, most of all I desperately need attention. So please, notice me senpai.

Yours Forever.

“I thought the meaning of people was somewhere in (movies.) Then I looked inside Nicholas Cage and I found a secret–people are random and pointless.”

–Abed Nadir, Community: Season 5 Episode 2

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