Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night! (Whenever you happen to read this.)

I admit it, I’m a blogging noob. This is a whole new world for me; a dazzling place I never knew.

After doing a little research, I’ve decided to refocus The Atomicblog and mainly discuss two topics I enjoy: Graphic Novels and Indie Games. Because until now, it didn’t really have a focus. At all. I realized that it’s hard to gain a following when you’re not writing about anything specific. It’s like that old adage: “If you try to please everyone you’ll ending up pleasing nobody.” So, if you happen to like Movies, Graphic Novels or Indie Games, subscribe to the site’s RSS feed. My plan is to post at least two new articles every week.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll never branch out. I also might do some editorials on note-worthy news in movies, pop culture and my incipient writing career. Speaking of which, my first novel: Gloomy Ruins Everything is nearly completed. I am about to finish the final rewrites. Once that’s done I plan to self-publish it on as an e-book until I can get an agent. So yeah, fame awaits.

The Atomicblog will also be getting it’s very own logo, just as soon as I can come up with something.

Thanks for reading.