Human beings can bond with anything, can’t we? Rocks, snakes, locations, and even people who kidnap us. (Psychology is weird, kids!) We are a race of Desperate Housewives constantly searching for love in all the wackiest places. This phenomenon is the reason why grown men and women will argue viciously with each other on Facebook about which actors should play their favorite super hero.

Eddie Murphy Green

Eddie Murphy for Green Lantern! It must happen!

You know how the founding fathers of America were kinda into freedom and stuff? That’s how these people feel about fictional characters. They care about them, deeply and genuinely. Sometimes in disturbingly kinky ways. Don’t get the wrong idea though, I’m not making fun of these people. I have no right to mock them because…well…I am exactly the same way. (Minus the disturbingly kinky part. Well…no, no yeah, minus that part. Yeah.)

As you know, last week the internet was hit with a pop-culture bomb the size of Kim Kardashian’s posterior. David Ayer shared the first official photo of Jared Leto’s Joker from the Suicide Squad movie.

Leto Joker

“Our prices are so low, it’s INSAAAAANE!”

Unsurprisingly, the picture has generated a fair bit of controversy. The internet and controversy are best friends. They skip merrily together through sunny meadows, hand-in-greasy-hand. Many commenters said that Jared Leto looks more like a gothic hipster at a Motionless In White concert than the Clown-Prince of Crime.

Jared Leto Joker Mosh

Some people just want to watch the world mosh.

The tattoos were also a major source of contention.

When I first saw the picture, I didn’t know how to feel. But, over time my ambivalence transformed like Freiza, evolving into “guarded approval” and then it’s final form: “the exuberant veneration of a blindly stupid fanboy.” Here are four reasons why I think Jared Leto’s Joker is awesome!! Yes, that’s awesome with two exclamation points!

1. He’s “Playing-Amnesia-in-the-Dark” levels of Scary!

Stare at the picture for a few minutes and try to tell me that you don’t subconsciously fear for your life. Yowza! He makes Marilyn Manson look dignified and well-adjusted. Comic book artists often draw The Joker in a garish, exaggerated style, making him look more like a monster than a man. In my humble opinion, Jared Leto’s Joker manages to capture a bit of that monstrous spark in real life.

Scary Joker Face

Also, his face is usually 80% mouth in the comics

2. He’s a Joker for the modern age.

Perhaps some of the critics are right. Perhaps, Joker-Leto (that’s what I’m going to call him from now on) does resemble a gothic hipster. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Wait, come back! Don’t click out of the site just yet! Hear me out. And don’t call me naughty words in the comment section either, I saw you scrolling down there buddy-boy. I’m on to you. All I’m trying to say is that Joker-Leto has been filtered through the cultural zeitgeist in order to create a version of the character that mirrors and assimilates our society. The Joker is now “one of us,” to a certain degree, and that just makes him more unsettling.

3. Does it Really Matter If He Has Tattoos?

To me the tattoos were never really a problem. Criminals get tattoos. The Joker is a criminal. It’s really not that much of a stretch.

4. The Joker’s Core Elements are all There.

Sometimes when you focus on the quote-unquote “negative aspects” you can overlook all the positive qualities. Joker-Leto still has the short green hair, crazy eyes, red lips and pale skin. He might be different in some ways, but he’s definitely the psychotic clown we adore.


Don’t worry Pennywise, we love you too.

Besides, if we’re going to get technical, Joker-Leto resembles “comic book Joker” way more than Christopher Nolan’s “Joker-Ledger” did. That’s coming from a guy who thinks Heath Ledger’s performance was a cinematic triumph! Man, now that I think about it, I really need to watch The Dark Knight again!

Ultimately though, Suicide Squad is a year away and we haven’t even seen a trailer yet. It’s a little early to start panicking. It’s probably a little early to be writing articles like this too. Whoops. Gotta fill the ol’ blog with something though. You understand. I just wanted to be one optimistic voice in the factory of hatred otherwise known as the internet. That’s all. That’s the honest truth. I do feel extremely optimistic about Joker-Leto and the entire Suicide Squad movie. If you could see how stoked I am, you’d probably mace me out of fear. Sure, I’m a little iffy with Will Smith as Deadshot, but hey, he’s a pretty great actor. So, I’m willing to give him a shot. Hah, “Shot!” Haha! Holy cow, I deserve a Pulitzer Prize. I’m a literary savant.

Fresh Prince Deadshot

“Now, this is the story all about how, my life got flipped-turned upside down…”

2016 is shaping up to be a stellar year! Best of luck to all the actors, writers, directors and crews that are in charge of the super-hero movies currently under development. I’m rooting for you!

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